Wednesday, 16 January 2013



Nick Denton goes on the record about porn, pageviews and blogging - plus 50 of the best blogs to get your teeth into

It's not often that arch-snark Nick Denton, who heads up the much-maligned and much-read Gawker Media blog network, talks in public.
In many ways, Gawker and its brethren are the epitome of a certain kind of blogging - fast, furious, scurrilous, bitchy and unashamed. But for all the time his team of rumour-mongers spend airing out other people's dirty laundry, Denton himself generally remains aloof.

So it's intriguing, then, that the Observer's Jay Rayner has managed to get an interview with the man himself. Of course, it helps that they know each other from their days cavorting around teenage parties in north London (where he was a "genial presence" who impressed by being "tall, with a large domed head").
Alongside such revelations, you can read about Denton's background and a little of his beliefs - including a denial that the Gawker empire has become bitchier and nastier in recent months.

But there's more, too: the Observer's also decided to recommend a slew of other blogs for you to read as well. Fifty of the best, in fact - from oldies like BoingBoing and Jason Kottke, through political heavyweights such as Talking Points Memo to fashion, gossip, music and more.

Looking through the picks, it's definitely got its idiosyncracies - but of course, it's always impossible to come up with a definitive list because there are so many blogs and so many readers. So what are your suggestions? Which are the must-read blogs, and who are the people who set the agenda online?

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