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Mcdonald's Worker Fell Victim To Bizarre And Cruel Hoax

Stripped naked and made to perform a sex act on her boss's fiance: How McDonald's worker fell victim to bizarre and cruel hoax

Louise Ugborn. The surreal true story of a McDonald's employee stripped naked by her boss who had fallen victim to an elaborate hoax is the subject of a new film.

McDonald's staff member Louise Ogborn, 18, had been working at the Mount Washington branch in Kentucky, America, for four months when she was falsely accused of stealing a customer's purse in 2004.

Her boss, assistant manager Donna Summers had received a phone call from a man pretending to be a police officer and, on his instruction, subjected her employee to a three-hour ordeal where she was stripped naked, abused and humiliated.

It was only when another employee demanded McDonald's head-office be contacted that staff realised they had been duped by a phone hoaxer who is believed to have targeted managers of more than 70 fast food outlets across America.

The bizarre episode is the basis for new movie Compliance, starring Dreama Walker, which opened yesterday. It all started when Summers received a phone call from a man claiming to be a police officer who told her that Ms Ogborn was a 'thief' who needed to be held until officers arrived at the scene.

On the officer's instructions, Summers called Ms Ogborn into the office, took her car keys and phone and locked the door. The fake police officer then told Summers she must make the teenager strip naked and put her clothes in a bag to preserve evidence. Incredibly, the assistant manager did as she was told, believing the caller to be a genuine policeman.

CCTV footage: Louise Ogborn, then 18, had been working for McDonald's for four months when she was called in to the office at the Mount Washington branch in Kentucky and accused of stealing 

Phone hoax: Ms Ogborn's boss Donna Summers then told her to strip naked on the orders of 'Officer Scott' speaking on the telephone 

Helpless: Ms Ogborn can be seen wiping her eyes as Summers continues to take orders from over the phone 

Trapped: Summers also took Ms Ogborn's car keys and mobile phone so she had no way escaping or calling for help 

Trapped: Summers also took Ms Ogborn's car keys and mobile phone so she had no way escaping or calling for help 

Bizarre: A man can be seen in the office appearing to hold Ms Ogborn while Summers can be seen sitting down on the other side 

Duped: The entire episode lasted nearly three hours before another employee demanded an area manager be called when they were asked to take over the 'punishment'

Summers made Ms Ogborn dance naked with her hands above her head, perform jumping jacks and deep knee bends.

On the instruction of Officer Scott', she then got her fiancé Walter Nix, 42, to continue the 'punishment', forcing Ms Ogborn to sit on his lap, have her buttocks slapped and finally to perform a sex act on him.

Another manager and two employees saw the abuse happening but did nothing as they believed it was being conducted on police orders.

It was only when 58-year-old maintenance worker Thomas Simms refused to take over the abuse and demanded an area manager be contacted the episode ended.

Summers claimed the caller sounded so convincing she was happy to do whatever he said. She continued: 'When I asked him why he always had an answer. I honestly thought he was a police officer.'

She said she begged Ms Ogborn for forgiveness as soon as she realised her mistake and called of her engagement to Nix after viewing CCTV of what he had done.

The pair were taken to court and Nix was jailed for five years for sexual abuse while Summers was sacked and got a year's probation for false imprisonment.

Ms Ogborn sued McDonald's for £127million but later accepted £700,000 out of court.

Ms Ogborn said she did what she was told because she was terrified of losing her £4.20-an-hour job but claimed she did beg her managed to let her go, the Daily Mirror reports.

She said: 'My parents taught me when an adult tells you to do something that's what you do. You don't argue, you listen.

'Every time Donna came in the room I begged "Get me out of here. I didn't do anything". I was bawling my eyes out and begging them to take me to the police station.'

It was not the first time a hoax caller has managed to convince fast food managers to abuse their staff by pretending to be a police officer. A similar episode occurred at a Missouri drive-in just a month earlier.

In total, seven people have been jailed for performing strip searches on members of staff after falling prey to hoax callers.

Father-of-five David Stewart was accused of being being the series of calls but was acquitted in 2006 of impersonating a police officer, solicitation to commit sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment because of lack of evidence.

Video Compliance relives the bizarre sex attack  

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